Bishop Enterprises
Cornerstone Fabricating
We are Cornerstone Fabricating and Construction Inc., a Michigan corporation held entirely by Bob and Linda Bishop. We established Cornerstone in 1987 as a fabrication company doing steel fabrications exclusively for CEC Products out of Detroit. This was mainly automotive conveyor systems.  
Since then we have completed major projects for Dow Corning, General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Union Electric Power Company, St. Mary's Cement, Pepsi, Anheuser Busch, and others. Cornerstone has successfully bid, contracted and completed work all across the U.S. We have also fabricated and shipped steel internationally to Austria, Egypt, Canada, and Mexico.  
Cornerstone remains competitive, even when bidding against local shops in distant places, due to the quality of our work and the professionalism of our people. Cornerstone is comfortable performing projects from $100,000 to $9 million. 
We have in-house engineering capabilities for most steel work. Our Professional Engineers are able to seal drawings for most states. We have full 3D modeling capabilities with automated detailing to assist our customers in fulfilling their project requirements. 
Many of our projects require precise layout and high quality welding. We have done pressure vessel work and x-ray quality welding. Our welders are all AWS certified and we adhere to the AWS inspection code.
Cornerstone trucks as much of their own work as possible. We have one driver and 3 flatbed trailers. We do outsource trucking whenever needed. We pride ourselves on being on time, all the time. 
For information on our trucking abilities please feel free to contact our dispatcher 989-642-5241.