Cornerstone Fabricating's

Job Expertise


I.  Bulk Handling Systems


              A.)     Elevators


              B.)     Belt conveyors


              C.)     Hoppers


              D.)     Chutes & hoods


              E.)     Handrail, ladders & stairways


              F.)      Catwalks


              G.)     Platforms


              H.)     Enclosures


               I.)     Dust collection - hoods, skirts and ducts



II. Auto Industry Work


              A.)     Header, hanger and bracing steel, including floor support systems for:


                                    4” & 6” overhead monorail conveyors

                                    4” & 6” power & free conveyors

                                    Inverted power & free

                                    Electrified monorail

                                    Tool rail & line lighting

                                    Bridge cranes

                                    Services rails

                                    Screen guard frames & assemblies


B.)     Conveyor components for overhead monorails, power & free, inverted power & free, Chain - on - edge, and flat tops including:








                                    Straight track

                                    Pre-fabbed screen guard sections


                C.)       Components for skid conveyor systems including:


                                    Power roll lift tables

                                    Lift & hold tables

                                    Power roll beds

                                    Cross transfers

                                    2-strand conveyors

                                    Roller flite conveyors



              D.)     Carriers, body trucks, skids


              E.)     Work platforms, balconies, mezzanines, and catwalks


              F.)      Robot bases and mounting plates


              G.)     Pent house and over the roof tunnel steel


              H.)     Miscellaneous fabrications including:


                                    Pit steel and cover plate

                                    Guard post and rail

                                    Curb angle




             I.)          Large steel building addition, 74’ high, heavy loads 2-story



III. Food and Beverage Industry


The following materials were produced out of mild steel and/or stainless steel as the application required:


              A.)     Header, hanger & bracing steel, both overhead and floor supported for:


                                    Empty can & bottle conveyor

                                    Full case conveyor




              B.)     Work platforms


              C.)     Handrails, stairways, and landings


              D.)     Crossovers


              E.)     Filler and washer pedestals


              F.)      Drip pans


              G.)     Wall penetrations


              H.)     Bollards



IV. Specialized Fabrications


              A.)     Pressure vessels with x-ray quality welding capabilities


              B.)     Aluminum melting furnace and quench tank


              C.)     Hinged steel belt conveyors for scrap handling


              D.)     Central coolant system tanks and flume system


              E.)     Cement receiving hopper, enclosure and conveyors




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